Monday, August 8, 2011

So we have our first picture of Catwoman for Dark Knight Rises.

It looks terrible. The hope is that it's like Batman's ski mask costume in Begins. But seriously the Splinter Cell lights no ears. Uhk. But you know. In Nolan we trust.

On the other hand.

I'm totally behind Bane standing on the Tumbler with a picture of Harvey Dent. I can only assume he got the tumbler by blowing up Wayne Tower and taking it.


  1. Bane looks fantastic! a lot different from the bane we're used to i'm really curious as to why he wears that mask in this movie but i guess we'll have to wait and see... not to thrilled about how catwoman looks but yeah lets hope thats just her prototype costume and we'll see something more classic later on :)

  2. I like the Catwoman image and I'm surprised you don't like and that you think it looks terrible, unlike even one, to to me this proves Nolan gets the character and doesn't just think she is a sex object, this to me looks like what a cat burger would were and it is close to modern comics, all she needs is the mask and a wipe

  3. I really like Bane! Looks badass.

    Catwoman, let's hope this is just the prototype costume...

  4. I had an idea about Catwoman, now that I've seen the new trailer. She seems to have it in for Bruce Wayne, so it would be interesting if at the same time she idolizes Batman, not knowing that they are the same guy.

    And yes, her costume sucks. But so did Batman's costume in the last movie. I'll forgive bad costume design if they get the character right.